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    Now you can help your kids design their own toys and bring them to life with 3D printing!

  • Coming Fall 2016

    The ultimate 3D Printer for creative families.


    Easily create, customize, and 3D-print awesome figures, creatures, or jewelry and accessories for your family. Start designing your own items now! Available now on iOS & Android.

Introducing ThingMaker 3D Printing!

Start-To-Finish Process

ThingMaker 3D Studios is your one-stop shop to start 3D printing. We make it easy for you to create toys and figures for your family from start to finish.
our app
With the ThingMaker Design™ app, you have everything you need to customize fun characters, scary creatures or jewelry and accessories for your family using the built-in part library. Simply drag the digital pieces together and they snap right into place!
PRINT with our printer
When your design is complete, you can 3D print the necessary parts to bring your creation to life, right in your own home. ThingMaker Design files are optimized to work with the ThingMaker 3D printer, but are also compatible with other 3D printers.
PLAY with
your creations
With hundreds of different parts to mix and match, what you create is limited only by your imagination. Make a samurai. Or a scorpion. Or a scorpion samurai. The choice is up to you! Just take the printed pieces, snap them together and you’re ready to play!

The keys to
the toy factory.

Mattel Logo Autodesk Logo

Mattel, the world’s #1 toy maker, has teamed up with Autodesk, an industry leading provider of 3D design and additive manufacturing software, to create a family-friendly ecosystem that allows you to design, customize, and 3D print the next generation of toys!